Behavioural Expectations – Rule Posters and Cards


Once the child has a clear outline of behavioural expectations – they can meet them!

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Helping children feel safe through visual expectations


This pack has been created to provide the adult with a selection of behaviour expectation posters and cards to use in any setting.  Simply, select the poster style that would work for your group or child and then put it on the wall.  Then, use the cards as a visual reminder – as necessary.  Ideally, the child is reminded when they meet that expectation – rather than a sanction when they don’t.  If you find that the child/group are ready to write their own – you’ll find blank posters in the pack!


  • To set clear behaviour expectations
  • To provide a structured approach in an intervention

In the Pack:

The styles in the pack include:

  • Wigits
  • Images
  • Text
  • Graphics

Number of Pages: 22

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High quality PDF file



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