Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique


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Guided relaxation session to support anxious children


Applied Relaxation Technique, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation Method is process in which you systematically tense and relax different muscle groups in the body. Releasing tension, anxiety and stress.

It is a great way to help children identify where tension is held in their body – as well as what relaxation feels like. How can we been calm and centered – if we don’t know how?


  • To self regulate emotions in any situation
  • To relax the muscles in the body
  • To feel in control of strong emotions when they enter the body

How it could be used:

  • Whole class (sitting position)
  • Small group (lay on the floor – with a blanket)
  • Starter prior to interventions
  • Shared with families to use at home – as part of an holistic well-being approach

This pack contains:

  • A guided session – streamed on Vimeo (available to download)
  • Length of guided relaxation session: 11:56 mins



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