Coaching Services


Coaching sessions are aimed at young people who are ready to make a change away from emotional overwhelm and dysregulation – towards a more peaceful, calmer, happier state.

It is a high impact sustainable approach – with many clients only needing 1-2 sessions to feel empowered with the tools to regulate their own emotional needs.  This is why it is so effective for neurodivergent clients, who don’t know why they are overwhelmed – they just are.  And talking about it, simply makes them feel worse!

Tracy is a facilitator in this process, her role is to quickly identify the root cause of the dysregulation and then coach the client to independently release the emotional charge associated to this trigger.

The toolkit of approaches Tracy uses with these young people, are life changing.  Clients leave the sessions empowered with knowledge and new skills to regulate their own emotions.  Skills they can use in any situation – because they know, they work!


Work with the young person is very much based on their individual needs.  The pace is adapted throughout the session into bite-sized chunks – which is why, this approach is very effective for neurodivergent clients.

As one client said – they are “short, sharp, and gets it done!”

The toolkit of strategies include a mixture of approaches: 

  • The Bounce Scale©
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Guided Relaxation Sequences
  • Visualisations and Meditations
  • Deep Breath-work Techniques
  • Releasing Trapped Emotions
  • Guided Acupressure Point Techniques
  • Therapeutic Artwork
  • Digital Sand-tray Work
  • Bilateral Integration Activities
  • Therapeutic Stories
  • EFT/Tapping Sequences (inc. letting go and forgiveness)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • CBT Coaching


Therapeutic coaching sessions are ideal for children from the age of 6 through to teens, that struggle with:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Behaviours that are challenging
  • School-based anxiety
  • Emotional overwhelm and dysregulation

Please note, these are NOT counselling sessions – these are coaching sessions.  They are aimed at empowering young people to take charge of their own emotional needs through educating them with the tools and techniques they need to mange them.  The approaches are evidenced-based and extremely effective.

Tracy specialises in supporting neurodivergent clients – that need an alternative approach.  If you have tried everything else and looking for another way – you’ve come to the right place!


Sessions are held remotely via Zoom and it is Tracy’s aim is to no longer be needed!  She will peel away and find the root cause to the emotional overwhelm and co-regulate with the client, to remove it.  This might take one session, this might take four – it just depends on the individual.

However, once the client becomes aware of their triggers against the Emotional Scale© they can move forward with strategies to reduce them!

The process is:

  • Step 1: Book an initial consultation to set clear expectations
  • Step 2: Book a 30min or 45 min session, as agreed in Step 1

Simple Cost Structure:

  • 30 min Sessions are £30
  • 45 min Sessions are £45

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