Encanto Activity Pack


Even though someone might look like they’re perfectly fine handling everything life throws at them, that doesn’t mean it’s true!

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Helping children that mask their emotions


A set of 3 activities to explore the concept of handling pressure (masking) and having to hold in thoughts and feelings as the child feels to vulnerable to share them.  It links to the wonderful movie Encanto, where the character sings about how much pressure they are under – due to pressures from the community.

Who would benefit from this activity?

  • A child who is masking emotions and may or may not understand the concept
  • A child who is under pressure and needs a creative outlet to explore it

Activity 1 – Objectives:

  • To explore how we feel
  • To discuss the feelings we don’t show others

Activity 2 – Objectives:

  • To express how we feel
  • To begin to verbalise how we feel inside
  • To discuss the feelings we don’t show others

Activity 3 – Objectives:

  • To express how we feel
  • To put our feelings into words
  • To share our feelings to others

In the Pack:

This pack contains the 3 activity lesson objectives, guides on running the sessions, and the resources to complete them.

Number of Pages: 16

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File