A Sensory-Motor Circuit


Helping children go up and down the Emotional Scale – through movement!

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Sensory-motor circuits is a great sensory intervention for children who have been identified as needing sensory motor input to achieve a ‘just-right’ optimal balanced state (a 1 or 2 on the Emotional Scale).  Ideally, the child would have completed a Sensory Difficulties Checklist – so that you can monitor the effectiveness of this style of intervention.


  • To regulate a child’s nervous system through fun sensory-motor activities

In this Pack:

  • Sensory-Motor Circuit Planner
  • Sensory-Motor Organising Activity Cards x 18
  • Sensory-Motor Alerting Activity Cards x 12
  • Sensory-Motor Calming Activity Cards x 12

Number of Pages: 13

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File


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