Areas of Need

An Attachment Profile:

  • I find it hard to ask for help or I’m always needing help
  • When I separate from my trusted adult it triggers my anxiety/anger
  • I struggle with transitions, loss and/or change
  • I’m over compliant or disruptive in my behaviour
  • I struggle to form or keep healthy friendships

Assessment Profile:

  • I struggle with emotional overwhelm
  • I struggle with sensory overwhelm
  • I’m struggling with school-based anxiety
  • I struggle with social overwhelm
  • I’m struggling emotionally and people aren’t sure why
  • I struggle to belong – I feel disconnected from others
  • I struggle with my social skills

An Autistic/ADHD Profile:

  • I am Autistic or have an Autistic profile
  • I have ADHD or have an ADHD profile
  • I struggle to communicate my needs effectively
  • I struggle with my executive functions
  • I find it hard to form connections with others

Negative Behaviour Profile:

  • I struggle with my emotional overwhelm and can become aggressive
  • I have negative thoughts that result in negative behaviours
  • I struggle to take responsibility of my negative actions
  • I can become controlling of myself and others
  • I struggle to repair conflict

Understanding Emotions Profile:

  • I struggle to understand what emotions are
  • Emotions activate or deplete my energy
  • I struggle to understand emotions in others
  • I struggle to empathise, due to lack of emotional awareness
  • I struggle to link the physical sensation to a named emotion
  • I like to understand the neuroscience behind emotions
  • I like to understand how my emotional brain works

Expressing Emotions Profile:

  • I’m unable to express my emotions and become frustrated
  • I struggle to communicate my emotional needs
  • I group emotions together, so that everything is anxiety or anger
  • I struggle to verbalise how I feel and need another way
  • My emotions go up and down – I need to understand what that means

Managing Emotions Profile:

  • I can’t cope with my emotions – they are overwhelming
  • I find unhealthy ways to mange my emotions
  • I need people to help me regulate my emotions
  • I’m always tired and I don’t know why
  • I’m always thinking and find my body is floaty
  • My body is always tense
  • I can overreact to situations
  • I don’t know what calm feels like

Interventions Profile:

  • I struggle with my social skills
  • I find social situations overwhelming and shut-down
  • I struggle to communicate my emotional needs effectively
  • I struggle with my confidence and self-esteem
  • I struggle with multiple instructions – they overwhelm me

A Physical Needs Profile:

  • I struggle to access PE lessons with others
  • I am unable to self-sooth or regulate my emotions
  • I struggle to regulate my emotions because I don’t understand how they feel inside
  • I have poor core strength and/or postural stability
  • I live in the past or future – I struggle to be in the present moment

A Self-Esteem Profile:

  • I’m struggling with my self-esteem
  • I struggle to belong
  • I feel disconnected from others
  • I have negative belief systems about myself and others
  • I self-sabotage my life, because of my negative belief systems

A Sensory Needs Profile:

  • I find it difficult to concentrate and focus my attention
  • I have difficulty with my co-ordination and balance
  • My sensory system makes me feel overwhelmed
  • I get emotionally triggered by my senses
  • I shut down/zoning out frequently throughout the day
  • I seek or avoid sensory input

A Social Skills Profile:

  • I find it difficulty to effectively communicate my needs
  • I find building social connections with others tricky
  • I can become frustrated because others misunderstand what I’m saying