1. I find it hard to ask for help from adults – even if detrimental to my own needs
  2. I’m over compliant on adults to help me with tasks
  3. I can become disruptive in class to get adult attention
  4. Separation from others trigger my anxiety or anger
  5. I struggle to trust myself or others


  1. I have poor core strength, postural stability and/or appear clumsy (proprioception)
  2. I’m not aware of my own personal needs, such as needing the toilet or a drink (interoception)
  3. I become overwhelmed by busy environments, finding it hard to filter out background noise (auditory)
  4. I find textures and clothing uncomfortable (tactile)
  5. I find copying from the board, reading, or having visual distractions difficult (visual)
  6. I need to change position, and/or move around to feel comfortable (vestibular)


  1. I am unable to recognise when I am moving/activated up/down the emotional scale (calm to fizzy)
  2. I struggle to co-regulate my activated emotions with a trusted adult to move down the scale
  3. I have outbursts of anger at small events (fight)
  4. I avoid, run off, and/or hide when I feel overwhelmed (flight)
  5. I am too emotionally overwhelmed to take on new learning (freeze)
  6. I please others, even if it causes me to feel emotionally distressed (fawn)


  1. I find it hard to initiate conversations
  2. I find it hard to take turns in conversations
  3. I find it hard to ask and answer questions in a conversation
  4. I find it hard to work with others, as a team, to solve problems
  5. I struggle to understand the emotions in others and adapt accordingly


  1. I don’t feel worthy of accepting love and nurture
  2. I can become upset at small ‘tellings off’
  3. I say hurtful things to myself such as “I’m stupid” or “everyone hates me”
  4. I struggle to know where I belong in the world
  5. I struggle to try new things – because I fear I’ll fail