The Child Therapy Service (CTS) is a non-profit social enterprise that focuses on improving the emotional health and life chances of young people.

What does that mean?

Social Enterprise: The CTS is not your typical business. Instead of prioritising profit for owners or shareholders, its primary purpose is to address social inequalities related to mental health provision for disadvantaged families. In other words, it’s all about making a positive impact on society.

Community Interest Company (CIC): The CTS operates as a CIC, which means it doesn’t aim for private profit. Any surplus generated is either reinvested to benefit the community or directly used to support that community.  So, while the Founder, Tracy Chadwick does pay herself, the driving force isn’t financial gain. The focus remains on accessibility and support.

Mission and Passion: What motivates the CTS? It’s the commitment of someone who has experienced first-hand the inequalities in mental health services. As a parent and professional, the Founder understands the gaps and is on a mission to change the status quo. Here are some of the inequalities they aim to address:

  • Neurodivergent Children: Parents often face dismissive responses from services like CAMHs, where anxiety and depression are attributed to their child’s condition, leading to premature discharge.
  • Social-Care Professionals: Funding cuts hinder their ability to support families, resulting in cases being closed and vulnerable families left unsupported.
  • Health-Care Professionals: The 2-year pathway for diagnosis can be challenging, leaving parents struggling to support their vulnerable children.
  • Education Professionals: Children find it difficult to access school, sometimes walking out of classrooms due to overwhelming feelings.
  • Financial Accessibility: CTS firmly believes that money should never be a barrier to accessing mental health services. That’s why they offer free support groups, funded projects, low-cost consultations, affordable training and resources, and low-cost memberships. Their drive comes from a genuine desire to create a more equitable mental health landscape for all.

In summary, the Child Therapy Service CIC is more than just a business—it’s a force for positive change in mental health provision, driven by compassion and a commitment to levelling the playing field for vulnerable families and young people.

Thanks for reading,  Tracy 🙂 

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