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We’re a Non-profit Social Enterprise – What does That Mean?

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As you may or may not know, the Child Therapy Service CIC is a non-profit social enterprise – but what does that actually mean?

Well, let me explain:

Social Enterprises are …

“Businesses whose primary purpose is addressing a social or environmental challenge rather than creating profit for owners or shareholders.  They deliver positive social impact through their means (i.e. how they conduct their work) and ends (i.e. what they achieve).” (

That means the primary purpose for running the Child Therapy Service CIC is to address social inequalities – with regard to mental health provision for disadvantaged families.

This purpose is greater than the desire to create a profit.

CIC – Or Community Interest Companies means …

“That it (the business) does not operate for private profit. Any profit generated is used to grow and develop its business which is benefiting an identified community, or goes directly to benefit that community.” (Office of the CIC Regulator)

Therefore, the Child Therapy Service CIC does not operate for private profit – yes, I do pay myself.  For full transparency – you can view all filing history here.

But, as you can see from my filing history – profit isn’t what gets me up in the morning, it isn’t what drives me to run free support groups, CTS funded projects, and low-cost consultations, low-cost resources, low-cost memberships.  I believe that money should NEVER be a barrier to accessing mental health services, that’s why the CTS will ALWAYS BE financially accessible!

OK, so if money isn’t my driver – what is? … well, my drive, passion, and commitment – comes from being that parent and professional in a society that is not equal in it’s provision to mental health services. 

And – I’m on a mission to change that …

OK, But – What’s not Equal?

The inequalities of mental health provision can be seen, heard, and felt by families and professionals that support young people right now:

  • If you have a neurodivergent child – you know what it’s like to be told by CAMHs that ‘anxiety and depression’ are ‘part of your child’s condition’ – and thereafter discharged.
  • If you are a social-care professional supporting families right know – you are experiencing funding cuts that prevent you from doing your job.  With cases closed and vulnerable families discharged and unsupported.
  • If you are a health-care professional supporting families on the 2-year pathway for ‘diagnosis’ – you know how challenging it is, hearing the stories of parents/carers struggling to know how to support their vulnerable child.
  • If you are an education professional – you are seeing children struggling to access school, watching them walk out of the classroom – because it’s ‘too much’ and telling you that they are overwhelmed.  You are supporting refugees and vulnerable families that have no-one else to turn to.

But, We Have an NHS …

Yes, we do – and don’t get me wrong.  They are AMAZING!  But, they are at breaking point and it isn’t going to improve for those children that need the support RIGHT NOW.  The headlines say it all …

  • Increased wait times to access CAMHs (1)
  • Inequality of mental health provision for young people – as children are being ‘turned away’ from accessing support (2)
  • Increase in schools having to support children with mental health needs, as CAMHs turn children away (3)

So, What Can We Do?

Well, we can do lots!

I believe – if we pull together – support each other, we as families and professionals can be the change children need RIGHT NOW.

And, you’re not alone – the Child Therapy Service CIC will …

  • Support you through this journey
  • Give you a greater understanding of how to take each step
  • Listen to you – validate your thoughts, fears, and concerns
  • Empower you – with every step

I Guarantee …

With support, knowledge, and a toolbox of skills – you will be able to support ANY child that is struggling with emotional overwhelm.

Why am I so certain? 

Because, I empower families and professionals EVERY DAY – to do, just that!  Parents/Carers and professionals reaching out for advice and walking away empowered with knowledge and skills – THAT WORK!

What about You?

Now, everyone is on a different journey – but the outcome is always the same.

Emotional release for all. 

Oh yes, this isn’t just for the child … by the end of the journey, adults and children are able to manage their emotions.

So, what is your current need?

Ultimately, there is something for everyone.  Resources, training, support – all focused on removing emotional barriers. 

Thank you for being part of a new mental health provision!  One that puts the needs of the child at the heart of all it does.

Tracy x


(1) Mapping child & adolescent mental health crises in paediatric a&e during Covid-19

(2) Swamped NHS mental health services turning away children, say GPs

(3) Schools Week