Individual Memberships

The Membership was created, because families and professionals need 24/hr – 7 days a week access to support, resources, and training.  The emotional needs of a child doesn’t stop at 8.30pm, ready for bedtime – or when a supply teacher has come in to cover a lesson.  It is all the time, everyday.  That, is why the Membership was created!

Coffee Mornings

Members get VIP access to all monthly Zoom coffee mornings.

This calm, safe space has been created for families to come together and feel supported. They are run by Tracy, Founder of the Child Therapy Service CIC and a mum in ‘the know’.

This element to the service exists because Tracy understands, first hand, how isolating it can be for parents and carers of young people struggling with anxiety. She holds the space for parents to support each other – alongside a few practical tips to keep you going!

“Tracy has created a super safe space where it’s OK to explore, learn and share challenges that having an amazing neurodiverse child might bring.  There are not many of these spaces out there, and mainly one feels separate from or isolated as one’s beloved has a story, different from one that society expects.  

She softens the tough edges and offers and demonstrates practical suggestions and tools to try out with your young person.  

My daughter is not yet in a better place but I know I can ask Tracy for support whilst we get to a better place.  Many thanks Tracy & CTS.” 

Peer Group

The private Facebook Support Group is available, exclusively to Members – so that you can ask a question and receive support, when you need it!

Being a parent or professionals, supporting the emotional needs of a child – struggling with anxiety and/or challenging behaviour, is relentless.  It’s exhausting and you NEED somewhere safe, to off-load and be heard.


One of the best parts of the Membership, is the knowledge.  If you are in search of finding another way to help your child – or a child in your care, this is perfect for you!

The monthly live bite-sized workshops are focused around emotional needs – unpicking the ‘why’ behind the behaviours and providing you with the tools you need to understand.  This training is available through Eventbrite, at a cost – but Members, get it for FREE!

And don’t worry, if you’ve not available that day – they are recorded and uploaded onto the Membership Site, to watch at your leisure!

“Over the past few years I have attended training sessions and coffee and chats in person and on Zoom led by Tracy.  These have been invaluable.  Tracy shares her vast knowledge in an accessible way.  She helps me to know that I am not alone in my struggles, and she provides training to help ourselves and our neuro divergent children.  The wealth of resources on her website is outstanding.  And new resources continue to appear!  I often recommend Child Therapy Services to other parents because I find it so useful.  She deserves a medal for the work she is doing.”

Relaxation Sessions

When you are supporting a child with high emotional needs – you need to recharge!  Now you can.  This 30 minute live relaxation session, is just for you.  A simple, yet effective guided meditation, visualisation, and nervous system reset!

Simply, sit back – and let your nervous system be guided into complete relaxation.  So that you can find balance again, ready for a new day!

“I am amazed at the impact your techniques have had on my life.  My job is very stressful. I have difficulty in dealing with stress and letting go of my anxieties.  I regularly do bilateral eye movement, tapping and grounding and these techniques have significantly reduced my stress levels.  I work with children with anxieties and I practise the same techniques with them to reduce their stress levels.

I look forward to our ‘Finding Balance’ sessions and afterwards I feel fantastic; clear headed, re-energised and anxieties lifted.  I have recommended your website to several colleagues.  Thanks for your advice, and your genuine care and concern about our lives” 


Do you find that you need a toolbox of ideas to support the child’s emotional needs – because one way, just doesn’t work?  Now you have them!

The Membership provides a huge selection of strategies to regulate any dysregulated, emotional, nervous system!

Don’t worry – these aren’t text versions, these are high quality – impact driven guided videos.  Helping you understand what the strategy does, why it’s effective, and how to use it.

“The bilateral and binaural beats help my mind to slow down, rebalance and refocus by paying attention to the sound that is coming alternatively into my left and right ear. It also helps my body to soften, lighten and relax so the energy can flow more freely and more easily. I feel reenergized, refreshed and resettled in my body and in my mind after just 5 mins of listening to it. Now the bilateral and binaural beats are becoming one of my go-to self care practices. Thank you Tracy for sharing it with us.”

Bounce Scale©

Are you using the Bounce Scale© and looking to incorporate the strategies directly from it?  Now you can!

In this interactive, adult-led tool, you can support the emotional needs of the child and know that the tools you are using link directly to the resources you have around you!  We aren’t just teaching the child about emotional regulation – we are empowering the child, to regulate their nervous system for life!