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Child and Family Coaching

Welcome to Our Child and Family Coaching Service

Child and family coaching helps improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships. We provide personalised support and practical strategies for a happier, healthier, more balanced family life.

For Child Coaching, we offer alternative therapies like Lego-based therapy, Bilateral Art, Lego Feelings, Emotional Freedom Technique, Drawing Feelings, the Parts Approach, Bilateral Movement, Reattach Therapy (in-person only), Wingwave Coaching, and Sand Tray Work. These methods help children express themselves creatively and engagingly, which is ideal for those who struggle with traditional talk-based approaches.

The sessions offer a variety of therapies that adapt based on the child’s needs at that exact moment. They provide a platform for the child to express the emotions holding them back, whether those emotions manifest as external anger and aggression or internal struggles. This ensures the child’s emotional needs are heard, expressed, and met.  

In addition to child coaching, we offer family sessions for anyone looking for a therapeutic plan to support their child.

Bespoke Programmes

As adults, we sometimes seek a few sessions to help our child overcome a specific obstacle, such as sleep issues or friendship problems. These sessions target a particular challenge the child is facing.

Tracy is highly intuitive and adept at understanding the emotional struggles of children. She guides them in recognising their feelings and equips them with tools to reduce their sense of overwhelm.

Goal: To help the child overcome their obstacle.

The Process

  • Book an Initial Consultation
  • Book between 2-3 Coaching Sessions

We recommend you book these in advance, to avoid any disappointment.

Strength-based Programmes

Tracy offers a creative approach that empowers children to understand themselves, identify their triggers, and use their strengths to overcome new challenges.  As a neurodivergent coach, Tracy provides clients with compassionate and kind insights into their unique, authentic selves.

Goal: Self-acceptance, emotional regulation, and empowerment

The Process

  • Book an Initial Consultation
  • Book a block of 8 Coaching Sessions

We recommend you book these in advance, to avoid any disappointment.

Child Therapy Service