Intellectual Property

Welcome Tribe,

Thank you for being part of a wonderful revolution of emotionally aware people looking at how to empower young people to manage their own emotional needs.

Moodsly is based on the amazing Polyvagal Theory by Dr Porges and is the intellectual property of me, Tracy Chadwick, Founder of the Child Therapy Service CIC.  This not-for-profit social enterprise is committed to improving mental well-being and life chances of families by improving the social, emotional, and mental health of young people.

To support and guide you, the Child Therapy Service CIC has created these guides to help answer any questions regarding what can and cannot be created and shared based on intellectual property, copyright, and trademark laws:

  • Sharing Intellectual Property
  • Terms of Use

It is my responsibility as the publisher, author, and trainer of these materials to protect my process and framework, which means protecting the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights.

The creation of Moodsly, has taken me years of training, creativity, and determination – thank you for your support in protecting it from any abuse.

With appreciation and kindness,

Tracy x