Our Family Coaching sessions involve an overview of what the family would like to achieve, as a collective. 

This maybe to have less shouting and arguments – with more harmony.  It could be to help the child feel able to communicate without aggression.

It is the voice of everyone, as it will need everyone to help shape it and become it.

The process involves:

  • An initial consultation
  • Regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions

Please take a look through our Google Reviews below and if you feel this would work for your family, please book a consultation using the calendar provided.

Initial Consultation

Family Session


“Tracy and the Child Therapy Service have been a lifeline to me. By providing a service that considers the whole family the sense of wellbeing from contact with the service is immediate and a blinding contrast to other public and private services.

Tracy herself has an uncanny sense of empathy which is such a relief as you don’t have to say much when you’re already exhausted by repeating yourself to brick walls.

She just gets it, and not only that, gives you all the tools and resources you were wishing for on a platter.

From individual help, group support sessions and self-guided world-class and cutting edge resources she has considered everyone in being able to access help in their own way.” Jyoti Sharma


I can’t sing Tracey’s praises enough.

I came across Child Therapy Services when looking for support for both my child and the rest of the family, and the Tactile Defensiveness workshop that she ran was exactly what we needed.

The range of support that she offers, combined with her lived experience, is what sets her apart in my opinion.” Vikki Kelly


Tracey is amazing, her courses are so life-changing!

My husband and I did the Anxiety course and it made so much sense and changed our approach.

We bought a trampoline and haven’t looked back – its made a big difference! Thankyou” Julia Andrews-Clifford


“Tracy is passionate about helping children and sharing her wealth of information and range of techniques with parents so they can begin to help their own children.

We have already had great success in a short period of time using her easy techniques to tackle tactile defensiveness.

We are excited to keep going with this and learn how similar techniques can help with other difficulties.” Jo & David Wainewright


“I am not sure how I would have survived the last year without the help and understanding that I received and I continue to receive from Child Therapy Service.

It allowed me not just to understand my own son’s struggles but my own childhood struggles that I never really fully addressed.

I am so grateful to have met Tracy Chadwick who helped me to rebuild my sense of trust and inner power to make all the changes that I needed to do and wanted to do but was too scared to do it.

With strategies suggested by Tracy and her caring attitude I am improving my own mental emotional social health as well that of my son.

Thank you Tracy for being you and all that you do to increase awareness as well create a positive impact on the people that you meet. For that I am forever grateful. 🙏♥️🌍” Elzbieta Pecka


” Dear Tracy, I wanted to give you an update since I last spoke.

The sessions that we did with you were invaluable. From a stressed and overwhelmed family we now have calm and routine.

Your advice and training was so helpful and actually helped me to realise a lot about myself as well as how we can help the children.

I am now so much more grounded and we have a little boy who goes into school every day with no worries.

He still has his challenges emotionally but that’s ok.

We have a tool kit to support him and can always book him in with you another time if need be.

Thank you for all you do. ps. we go for a short run as a family every morning. Very much inspired by you. :-)” Josy Spooner Rolls

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