Family Coaching

Sometimes, we just need a little help in understanding how to support our child.  Someone with lived experience – personal and professional, in supporting children with social and emotional needs.

The coaching sessions, are run by Tracy and are aimed at families of children aged 16 and under, who have a child that is struggling to regulate their emotions.

Together, this service helps to create a toolbox of therapeutic strategies.  Some sessions might be with the whole family, others may be with a specific family member.  It is bespoke and tailored.  That is why it’s so effective.

Session Overview

In the first session, we go through a short questionnaire to ascertain the underdeveloped skills within the context of social and emotional needs.  An example of this, could be ‘Unable to Communicate Emotional Needs to Others’.  A programme would be developed, alongside the family – to focus on building knowledge in that specific area and then provide the resources to build that skill.

These weekly, 50 min sessions are bespoke, targeted, and focused on improving social and emotional skills.  The baseline assessment of need giving guidance on progress, as each week – builds on the knowledge and skills of the one before.

Example 6 Week Programme:

  • Assessment of need – identifying underdeveloped skills and emotional triggers
  • Skill development – attachment, sensory needs, emotional regulation, and self-esteem
  • Reducing triggers – strategies for understanding, reducing and responding to dysregulation within the nervous system

Sessions involve training, support and resources to build on existing knowledge and target any underdeveloped skills.

Cost of Sessions

The most effective programmes, are those that support the family over 6 weeks. 

All sessions are held remotely, only under exceptional circumstances, are they face-to-face and these are based on a review after the initial consultation.

  • Step 1:  Book an initial consultation
  • Step 2: Book a block of sessions, based on the recommendations from the initial consultation.

All coaching sessions include high quality, bespoke training programme and resources.

Initial Consultation

50 Min Session