Using NLP to De-escalate and Defuse an Angry Child

About Course

Only when we can align and connect to the emotional needs of the child - can we fully meet their needs


This training has been created, to help the adult – family or professional, understand how to de-escalate and defuse conflict in children and teens.  It is based on  Neurolinguistic Programming – dipping our toe into the techniques, so that we can understand and meet the needs of the child.

Learning Objectives:

  • What Is NLP?
  • Why Is It Important To Understand The Child’s Inner World?
  • What Is The Connection Between – Communication And Anger?
  • How Does Our Internal World – Impact On Our Behaviour?
  • Case Study Example: Meet Sid
  • De-escalating with Attunement
  • De-escalating with Pace
  • De-escalating with Communication Styles
  • Final Recap

Duration of this Training:  1 hr 

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training


Topics for this course

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De-escalating and Defusing Conflict Training

De-escalating and Defusing Conflict Training01:00:00