Improving Separation Anxiety through Soft Landings

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About Course

Behaviour is simply communication - but what is the child trying to say? In this training, we explore the 'why' behind the anxiety and put in place an effective plan that meets their individual needs.


This training pack has been created, to support the family and the school – in developing soft landings so that the child feels safe and able to separate themselves from their parents/care-givers.

It provides an overview of effective interventions, that when effectively put in place – can have a huge, positive impact on helping the child access a full-time education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discussing separation anxiety and it’s purpose for a child – introducing the anxiety cycle
  • Assessment of need – how can we meet need, if we don’t know it?
  • The benefits of early or delayed starts
  • Looking at fun interventions
  • The difficulties of reduced times tables
  • Using mentoring systems
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • Why transition objects are effective
  • The process of Meet + Greet
  • Final thoughts …

Resources Includes:

  • Assessment of Need
  • Pupil Voice

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Improving Separation Anxiety

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