Evidenced-based Research

  1. “The Effectiveness of Comic Strips for Enhancing Emotional Expression in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Systematic Review” (2022) by Chan, A. W.-H., & Lee, R. W.-M. This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of using comic strips to enhance emotional expression in children with ASD. The review revealed that comic strip interventions can be effective in improving emotional recognition, identification, and expression among children with ASD.

  2. “Using Timelines to Promote Emotional Expression and Regulation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study” (2021) by Peller, I., & Nachmias, C. This pilot study explored the use of timelines to promote emotional expression and regulation in children with ASD. The findings indicated that using timelines can be a promising approach to help children with ASD understand and express their emotions.

  3. “The Impact of Comic Strip Creation on Emotional Expression and Self-Awareness in Children with ADHD” (2020) by Park, J., & Lee, H.-j. This study investigated the impact of comic strip creation on emotional expression and self-awareness in children with ADHD. The results showed that comic strip creation can be beneficial for children with ADHD in terms of enhancing their ability to express and understand their emotions.

  4. “The Role of Visual Storytelling in Promoting Emotional Expression and Self-Regulation in Children with Social Anxiety Disorder” (2022) by Kim, S., & Lee, J.-H. This study examined the role of visual storytelling, particularly through comic strip creation, in promoting emotional expression and self-regulation in children with social anxiety disorder. The findings suggested that visual storytelling can help children with social anxiety disorder better understand and manage their emotions.

  5. “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Comic Strip Interventions on Emotional Expression and Social Interaction Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-Analysis” (2021) by Chen, S.-Y., & Cheng, Y.-H. This meta-analysis synthesized research on the effectiveness of comic strip interventions for children with ASD. The results demonstrated that comic strip interventions can significantly improve emotional expression and social interaction skills in children with ASD.