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My daughter attended on 1:1 sessions which helped a lot. Tracy is very-very kind and helpful. Thank you for all of the support! 🙂

Monika Mathe (Google Review)

A really great course! I would totally recommend to others and cant wait to put it into practice in my work place, thank you Tracy! (Exploring Emotions through Art Workshop)

LK (Google Review)

We recently created a sensory room in our school. I use this with my students for a check in and check out. We teach how their body feels, what they need, what they should do.

Professional, A Sensory Diet Toolkit

Another fantastic resource from Tracey. I love it. So useful!

The Reflection Pack, Jane H

Great resource, simple to use with/by parents but provides a great tool for an experienced practitioner

The Reflection Pack, Julie Boothman

“My son had individual sessions to support him with resilience, self esteem, and emotional regulation. He really benefitted from the sessions and Tracey sent ideas to do at home too.”

Hannah Ruth