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5 Things we LOVED about 2022


🤩 We Launched our Wellbeing Hub/Membership

It started with a few new Members in January and now we have 1,000’s! It has been a labour of love as it continues to grow from strength to strength.
It was always to dream to have an ♾️ Inclusive Wellbeing Hub in Schools and now it’s a reality!
Offering ♾️ Inclusive support, therapy, and training across the UK.

☺️ We Launched our Relaxation Sessions

It was important to us, that we support everyone – which is why we offered affordable high impact Compassion Fatigue Sessions. They pull together known therapeutic intervention techniques, that remove past triggers and allow the nervous system to heal.
These will continue into 2023 – to expand into meditation sessions!

🎓 We were Mentored by Cambridge University Social Ventures

Cambridge Social Ventures supports a whole range of businesses that have positive social and environmental impact. And we were chosen as part of their 2022 cohort!
This will continue into 2023, as we grow in our commitment to social equality.

♾️ We are Expanding our Inclusive Therapeutic Programmes

As you know, we specialise in offering an alternative to CBT and talk-based therapies.
This offer is expanding in 2023 to include ReAttach. An amazing approach to reducing anxiety and improving limited belief systems.
This alongside Wingwave, Neutral-Space Relaxation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotion Coding, and Drawing and Talking offers a robust ♾️ Inclusive Therapeutic Intervention Programme for everyone.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 We are Returning to Face-to-Face Sessions!

With new therapies, comes new opportunities for face-to-face sessions.
As such, from March/April we will be offering children, young people, and their families robust ♾️ Inclusive Therapeutic Intervention Programmes in Eastbourne once again!